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At present our policy is to admit children into nursery on their third birthday or the term after that. Children then enter the Reception group at the start of the year in which they become 5. Children do not have to start school until the term after their fifth birthday, if parents so wish.

A form to apply for a nursery place is to be completed for all children whose third birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August in the year of admission. The form should be returned before the prescribed date to allow the LA to consider the allocation of places. We currently have thirteen places for nursery age children.

In the half-term prior to admission, new starters will be invited to spend two half-days in school, parents may stay with them if they wish. Prior to children starting in nursery, the teacher and teaching assistant can visit them in their home to get to know them and their parents. The session for nursery children begins at 12.15pm and finishes at 3.15pm. The school reserves the right to amend the length of the nursery session for individual children depending on their particular stage of development. It may also be amended at the wish of parents. This has proved to be a very successful way of integrating new starters into the life and work of the school. Starting school is the beginning of an important partnership between parents and teachers and this flexibility means we can meet the needs of individual children by making their entry into school a pleasant one and ensuring a happy and secure future. We continue this flexibility as children move into Reception.

A meeting for prospective parents will be held to share information and discuss any questions or concerns parents may have. 


Admissions Team
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