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School Day

Daily School Routine  
The School Day  
Morning Session 9:00am - 12 noon
Morning Break 10:10am - 10:25am
Afternoon Session  
Nursery 12:15 - 3:15pm
KS1 and KS2 1:00 - 3:15pm
Afternoon Break 2.00 – 2.15 pm  (Nursery and KS1 only)


Children in the Reception-KS1 class have an afternoon break; in KS2 a short break is taken at the discretion of the teachers


We like the children to be in the school by 8.55am, giving plenty of time for children to be ready for the morning session. Children are to come straight to their classroom when they arrive at school. 

It is very important that children arrive at school on time, as it can be very distressing for a child to arrive when everyone else has come inside. If your child is late please try to accompany him/her into school or send a note of explanation. Children who arrive after the register has closed, at 9.05 a.m, will be given a late mark.


We are fortunate to have our own kitchen in school. Excellent school meals are provided by our cook, Sue Bell, and are available for all pupils. Dining takes place in the school hall.

At lunchtime we have a ‘family service’ system, with groups of mixed ages being served at the tables by older children. Children are encouraged to try all the dishes prepared for them but they are not forced to eat foods they strongly dislike. Vegetarian and special medical diets are catered for. Children who do not have a school meal may either bring a packed lunch or go home for dinner. We strongly encourage children to stay for a school dinner - it is a time when staff and children can be together in a relaxed social situation. Parents are welcome to come and sample a meal with us if they so wish.

The current price of a school meal is £2.10 (£10.50 per week). Dinner money should be paid (in advance) on Monday mornings. Payment by cash or cheque (payable to NYCC Oakridge CP School) is accepted for the total weekly amount. If a child is absent and has paid for a meal, he/she will be credited with the appropriate amount in the following week.

Some children may be eligible for free school meals, details about which are available from the Area Education Office.

Currently, 2 Midday Supervisory Assistant are employed to supervise the children during the lunch break.


Children are allowed to bring fresh fruit only to school for a mid-morning snack, and this must be eaten during playtime. Toast and drinks are available from the kitchen during morning break.  There is a water fountain available at all times for drinks.


Please meet your child at hometime if possible. It is important that we know who is collecting your child from school, so please make sure that he/she and the school know what arrangements have been made if they are different from usual. All children whose parents meet them at the gate will be expected to wait in the school playground until they see their parent.

The school car-park has, at times, been a cause of concern amongst parents, staff and governors. The car-park is not big enough to cater for large numbers of additional cars turning, so children should not be picked up in the car park. If there is no alternative to bringing your child to and from school by car, please drive very slowly in the roads approaching school and be constantly aware of children moving around in this restricted area.


If your child becomes ill during the day we will need to contact you at home or at work. If we are unable to contact you personally, it is important that we have an alternative emergency contact. Please inform us of any change in contact numbers. 


Children are expected to attend school regularly, but obviously illness can intervene and absences do occur. The school should be notified of any absence before the start of school on the first day of your child’s illness. We are obliged to contact parents about unexplained absences to satisfy ourselves that no harm has come to children on their way to school. An early phone call will eliminate the need for this.

Temporary absence for part of the day, to visit the doctor or dentist for example, should be supported by a note, phone call or personal contact. Taking a holiday during term time can be approved up to a maximum of 10 days in any year. Forms are available from the office to monitor this type of absenc.e.  All requests for holidays during term time must be made 6 weeks in advance

National legislation now requires us to note all unauthorised absences throughout the school year and inform parents of this number, if any, in each child’s end of year report. An unauthorised absence is one which is not supported by a letter or message.