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School Rules


Rules in school are few and generally for the safety of the children. We discuss these rules regularly with the children so that they understand the purpose of them.

  1. No money is to be brought into school except for school purposes. Please put any money into an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name and purpose of the money.
  2. Sweets and snacks are not allowed other than fruit and raw vegetables.
  3. No jewellery or valuable items should be worn to school - earrings and finger rings can cause accidents, while the loss or breakage of valuable items like necklaces causes upset. Studs or sleepers may be worn for the six-week period after piercing, but these must be covered by a plaster during PE lessons. After this period they must be removed for PE
  4. No child is allowed to leave the school premises without a teacher’s permission. Such authority will only be given in response to a written or telephone message from the child’s parent.                                                                         
  1. Children are expected to be well mannered and courteous to everyone and helpful to all adults in school.
  1. Children are expected to show respect and care for the school premises and all its contents. All classes have a code of conduct which they have written together.