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Special Educational Needs (SEND)


"The purpose of education for all children is the same; the goals are the same. But the help that individual children need in progressing towards them will be different. Whereas for some the road they have to travel towards the goal is smooth and easy, for others it is fraught with obstacles.”
          Special Education Need: The Warnock Report, 1978


At Oakridge primary school we do believe that the purpose and the goals of education are the same for every child. We aim to ensure that the learning needs of all children are identified and met. We aim to make the path forward as smooth as possible for all children. From time to time, however, some children need extra help with their schoolwork. Such help may only be needed in certain areas or for a short time, and, whenever possible, we provide this support in class. On these occasions, specific work is set for the child which builds on his/her strengths to help overcome difficulties. Often small groups are set up so that children can be given more individual time and attention, and so they can build up their confidence. We also bear in mind that some children may be particularly talented in specific areas, and need to be extended.

Each class teacher is initially responsible for identifying children with special educational needs, and will liaise with the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator to plan a learning programme to help meet the children’s specific needs. This is regularly reviewed and parents are kept informed about this. Where necessary, the school will liaise with outside agencies such as the Pupil Support Service, the Educational Psychologist or the School Health Service.

We regard parents as a valuable resource in helping their own child overcome any difficulties. You are welcome to talk to the class teacher or Special Needs Co-ordinator about any problems you feel your child is having.

Headteacher (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator)

Hannah Warberton  (Special Education Needs Governor)

The SEND Local Offer will provide information for children, young people and their parents/carers in a single place, helping them to understand what services they and their families can expect from a range of local agencies. This is being introduced as part of the Children and Families Bill and will become law in 2014.

The aim of the local offer is to improve choice and transparency for families about the services they use. It will also be an important tool for professionals to use, as it will allow them to understand the full range of services and provision in the local area. By setting this information out in one place, this will also help the joint commissioning of services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

The Local Authority must work together with children, young people, parents, carers and other local services to develop their offer and keep it under review.

Progress to date

As one of the 20 national SEND pathfinders, North Yorkshire has been engaging with young people with SEND, their parents and professionals to develop the Local Offer. This has included the development of shared principles, an overall site map and a set of exemplar questions that sets out information that parents and young people would find particularly useful to know. These questions have been circulated to early years settings, schools and post-16 institutions to help inform their local offers.

The initial version of the Local Offer is now available on-line, and can be accessed via the following link: