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Children are encouraged to wear the school uniform of Oakridge CP School. This includes a red sweatshirt and white polo shirt, with the school logo. Each child's day will be varied and active so they need to dress comfortably and appropriately.

Typical Boys Uniform

Typical Girls Uniform

All children need a PE kit, consisting of a T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms gym shoes or soft trainers (not the same ones worn for school). PE kit should be kept in a bag marked with your child's name and should be available in school at all times.

We encourage children to take their PE kit home every Friday to have their kit washed.

Please mark all shoes, clothes and kit with your child's name - it does save time when things get lost. It is particularly important to mark articles of clothing which are similar and worn by many children, for example wellington boots and school sweatshirts.

We welcome children bringing indoor shoes, plimsolls or slippers to wear indoors. This is particularly important if the weather is wet, when children might also bring some dry socks, so that they are not sitting around all day with wet feet.