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Vision and Aims of Oakridge

As staff, children and governors we sat down last month and made a list of all of the things that we value at Oakridge, and here they are :-

 We believe in the development of the whole child.
 We endeavour to give every child the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
 Everyone is equally valued as an individual regardless of their sex, race, background, creed, faith or ability.
 We believe that our pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum delivered through high quality, well planned and organised teaching throughout the school in a caring and cared for environment.
 We believe that everyone should be given a real sense of self esteem, confidence and achievement.
 We believe that being an integral part of the local community and the wider world, valuing a strong partnership between parents and school is essential.

We hope that all stakeholders in our school share these values with us.






We also sat together and wrote our aims for the school, I hope that you will help us to realise them.

Our Aims
 To provide a warm, welcoming, secure and stimulating environment for all children.
 To provide the highest quality teaching and learning for each child through a broad, balanced, relevant and creative curriculum that is accessible to all.
 To provide equal opportunities for all and to challenge discrimination where it is found.
 To promote an inclusive curriculum, ethos and learning environment for all pupils.
 To enable each child to develop a lively, enquiring mind with the ability to question and discuss whilst becoming an increasingly independent learner.
 To encourage the development of the ‘whole child’ – emotionally, socially, culturally and spiritually.
 To maintain strong partnerships with families and the local community.
 To develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle for every pupil.
 To promote respect for all.
 To give the children a sense of purpose and a real voice that is heard.





Environmentally friendly

I hope that you agree with how we see our school, any suggestions about how we can continue to improve are always welcome.