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Dolphins Class

Dolphin Class Newsletter Autumn 2018

Rocket Launch

Maths in Dolphin Class

In Dolphin class, we try hard to build our understanding of key concepts so often start out using concrete representations of our learning. It also happens to be lots of fun!

The Floor is Lava

We love it when the gym equipment comes out. 

French Food Tasting

After learning the names of lots of French foods, we had a whole afternoon tasting them. Most of us struggled to stomach the French cheeses while generally the sweet treats were very popular. 


As part of our learning on the Ancient Greek myths, we designed a Greek pot. We were then lucky enough to receive a visit from Doodlepots who enabled us to recreate our designs onto a special tile. 

LEGO Robot Coding

In March, Dolphin class worked with the LEGO man (Mr Ainsley) to collaboratively build, code and debug robots using both WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms EV3.  We designed and wrote programs to accomplish specific goals including: climbing a ramp, driving exactly 1m (harder than it sounds) and winning a race.