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School Council

We are very proud of our School Council and the work that we do.



In Oakridge we have a very organised school council, we help all the children at Oakridge get all the things that they need, and would like to see in our school. Most of the time we think up really good ideas to help the school get better. Mrs Wrigley helps us put all are ideas together and make one big special idea. We always make the school better even if it’s a little thing, like getting some new footballs. It makes everyone happy.

These are the school council members;


Year 6 - Ebony Bruce - Chairperson

Year 4 - Gabriella Cattle-Lyth - Treasurer

Year 3 -Kian Doherty - Secretary

Year 2 - Sam Lyth

Year 1 - Ellie McDonnell





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